Privacy Policy

EditBetter does not share your information with third parties, including your email. Any information you choose to share publicly on EditBetter is at your own risk and of your own responsibility.

Any information you choose to provide EditBetter – such as your name, photograph, and email – will be stored on EditBetter. Data may continue to be stored on EditBetter servers after it has been deleted.

Although EditBetter stores user information in a secure manner, and we do our best to keep user data private, we cannot guarantee complete security. No website can.

EditBetter is not responsible for any public user information that is archived or displayed on non-affiliated websites and search engines.

EditBetter may disclose information about its users if required to do so by law or legal process.

Like most websites, EditBetter uses cookies to improve its user experience. We do not use cookies for any harmful purposes or to collect and sell user information.

Connected Social Accounts

EditBetter only requests basic information from your connected social accounts. You can also create an account using an email address. We collect the following information when you connect a social account.


  • Basic Profile Information
    • This includes your first and last name, profile picture, gender and age range. We only use your name and profile picture.
  • Email Address


  • Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Read Tweets and View Followers
    • This is a default setting from Twitter. We've selected Read Only Access for our app. We do not have the ability to make changes to or control your Twitter account.


  • Basic Profile Info
    • This includes your full name, profile picture and profile URL. We use your name and profile picture.


  • Profile Overview
    • This includes your name, profile picture, headline, and current positions. We only use your name and profile picture.
  • Email Address